so swim over here and let me play with your mermaid hair, nerdbucket

how does a plant play with someones hair what do you just wave your leaves gently in my direction?

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today’s look is: genderpunk

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Really cute Les Mis headcanons


  • Tholomyes getting kicked in the groin repeatedly
  • Tholomyes ending up alone and unhappy
  • Tholomyes and M. Thenardier tie for 1st Place for the Worst Dad Award
  • Tholomyes being as far away from Cosette as is physically possible





I actually love dogs more than most people tbh

no homo tho

why no homo?

the french word for dog is masculine and you can never be too safe

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d00dlen00dle replied to your post “can’t believe that the day i’m going to a wtnv live show is also the…”

The going to a wtnv show is really rad so I hope ur cough isn’t a huge jerk face when ur there O:<

yeah it was so rad!! and i ate like a million lozenges beforehand and i think i managed not to be too disruptive!! (laughs)

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notboldlygoing replied to your photoset “just a reminder that i’m still cute and still have a lot of hair”

seriously what is this why is there an ocean this is bullshit you’re so cute

i’m secretly a mermaid shh

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dudeprince replied to your photoset “just a reminder that i’m still cute and still have a lot of hair”

omggg u look so gorg….as always……i love ur hair so much it looks so gentle and soft…like a gentle ocean with waves that just want to hug u….tenderly…..

i really think you should become a poet tatsy you really have a gift here

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ahh the wtnv live show was really good and i’ve had a really great night :’)

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ohfantine replied to your post “ohfantine replied to your post:ohfantine replied to your photoset:just…”

I’m the queen of the gays, you silly thing

oh of course so you create the law i see how it is

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